Ya’ll Can Stop Hating on Tasha Now

It was hard for me to understand, initially, why so many people were so against Tasha. I found the THOT and home wrecker descriptions totally exaggerated and unfair. (Remember, she stepped back when Lawrence told her he had a girlfriend).  I simply saw her as a girl who wanted what all of us want…something real. And although the chances of having something real with Lawrence were slim, considering the foundation of their “situationship”, she was still hopeful. Was Tasha naive? Yes. Unrealistically optimistic? Absolutely! But a THOT though? Nah. She proceeded hastily, didn’t use her best judgement, ignored that little voice (intuition), focused more on what she wanted than what was obvious. Basically she was guilty of doing the same shit we’ve all done, are currently doing, or will do: trying to force something real with someone who is questionable.

Tasha wasn’t a THOT (in  my opinion) but she was a threat. She represented what most involved women fear: an alternative option. We want our men to have eyes, ears, and hearts for only us, not some boobies raised, teeny waisted, booty bangin, little bit hood ( I think this also contributed to the overwhelming contempt for Tasha–we can be so #blackandbougie at times) bank teller. For all of those who loathe Tasha, here’s some good news for you. She’s  most likely out of the equation. Why do you think that you ask? It’s simple, I answer. She told the truth. And most times when people have committed messed up acts and are not living the strongest and best version of their lives, the truth is the last thing they want to hear. They run from it and the truth tellers like the plague. Lawrence’s cowardly (couldn’t even tell her to her face) and sooner than expected yet still  A-Dollar Short- And-A-Day-Late admission deserved Tasha’s infamous response. Confession time: I hit the rewind button at least 3 times, enjoying every second of that exchange. I smirked and contemplated instances I could have delivered said lines. I’ve even repeated them aloud a few times, adding emphasis on one of my favorite words, just to hear the sound of each line rolling off my tongue. Ya’ll know the lines by now: “You a f**k n***a.  Naw.  You know what? You worse than a f**k  n***a. You a f**k n***a who thinks he’s a good dude .” Ouch!!! Unable to rebut all Lawrence could  do was  stand there looking all stupid and what not.

We can all learn a few things from Tasha’s short-lived and unfulfilling experience:

  1. “Honey, you are sacred land. Choose your travellers wisely.”- Della Hicks-Wilson
  2. Respect your intuition. If you know what’s up, act like you know what’s up. You can’t force someone to be real just because you want someone real.
  3. Your feelings matter. Speak. Your. Truth. Even if it means telling someone you think they’re really just a f**k n***a dressed in Good Guy clothing.

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