I’m Nobody’s Good Enough Girl


92ECD959-9E61-48FD-B64D-0EFCC3FDF83FHe had you at hello. He was charming, easy-going, and not bad on the eyes. He was barrels of fun. He made you laugh, and laugh hard. He had a good job, good credit, and a good head on his shoulders. You wanted to believe your frog-kissing days were over. You were looking forward to going the distance with him. You loved him so much-and you felt he loved you too. But as the years slipped away, you started to wonder if your love for him was a tad stronger than his love for you. This  wondering was forced to a head when you took an honest and thorough assessment of the sacrifices you were willing but he was unwilling to make and the fears you were willing to face in the Battle of Love, only to discover that you were fighting all alone.

Mr. Man knew that you wanted to be married. You remained consistent and unwavering in expressing your desires and expectations. He spoke and presented himself as if you were both on the same page, as if you both had mutual desires. But there was a dilemma on the horizon. His actions failed to coordinate with his impressive, get-your-hopes-up-all-high talk. Inevitably you were burdened with the task of accepting that you were being taken for and treated as a Good-Enough Girl.

Good-Enough Girl: good enough to kick it with, good enough to sleep with, good enough to date indefinitely, good enough to shack with, but not quite good enough to marry.

He wanted married-man benefits but was only willing to pay single-man dues. Mr. Man wanted a lot from you: encouragement when he was discouraged, sex on a frequent basis, daily home-cooked meals, laundered and ironed clothes, peace and quiet when he didn’t feel like talking, clean living quarters when he hadn’t washed a single dish, space when he was feeling crowded, understanding when he was feeling confused, self esteem boosters when his self esteem was on low, his behind kissed when he should’ve been kissing yours, to be coddled when he was sick, the attention that he at times neglected to give, the adoration and respect that he at times neglected to show. Wow! That’s a whole lot to receive while only paying poor-single-man fees.

Marriage and commitment are just too heavy, too serious, for some men. And some men can afford the luxury of “keeping it light”, particularly when they can get all the previously mentioned high-end relationship merchandise at Filene’s Basement bargain prices…

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