It’s Over! NOw What?

Breakups just have a way of making us feel SO low and SO crappy. It doesn’t matter if you were walked out on or if you decided to do the walking. Break ups foster feelings and thoughts of confusion and self doubt (especially initially). We question our own self worth and desirability.  We wonder if something’s wrong with us. We wonder why did he choose her and not me. We question if we’re good enough, pretty enough, smart enough. We entertain all sorts of unhelpful thoughts and if we’re not careful we start to believe those thoughts. (Scary right?)⠀

Despite sitting up in my lonely ass apartment, feeling depressed and worthless as hell after a break up, I started to positively affirm myself:

❤ I am worthy. ⠀

❤ I am enough. ⠀

❤ I am healing. ⠀

❤ I am strong.  I will get through  this. ⠀

❤ Everything works out for my  good. ⠀

❤ I am excited to write my next  chapter. ⠀

❤ I am deserving of amazing love. 

❤ I will experience amazing love  when the time is right. ⠀

I went from thinking (and almost believing)…”I’m a total loser-I should just lay here and be miserable for the rest of my days-what’s the point of it all-nobody wants me anyways 😫😩” to…’Girl! Girl!! if you don’t get your ass up, wash your face, brush your teeth, jump in that shower, slather that shea butter on,  do something with your hot mess hair, get dressed, venture out, and get to living and growing again! You better not ( you bet not) allow this break up to break you!” ⠀

The circumstance didn’t change (the relationship was still O-V-E-R…over !). But my thoughts about myself and the circumstances did change (jackpot!). And with that came a shift in mood, a shift in my vibration, a shift in my outlook, and a shift in my actions.⠀

I really hope this helps someone today. I want to see you happy, feeling confident, smiling again, and on your bounce back ❤.